<strong><font color="#ccffff">I</font></strong><font color="#ccffff" size="2"><strong> had a watch<br />But it don't work no more<br />My old car<br />left me stranded by the road<br />This old guitar<br />it always breaks a string<br />My old heart&nbsp;<br />is similar to these things<br /><br />sprockets and chains<br />pulleys and springs<br />when I think of everything&nbsp;<br />that you've been through<br />My heart breaks for you<br /><br />My roof leaks<br />I have to use pots and pans<br />There's just so much<br />you can do with tar and tin<br />I broke the handle<br />off my favorite coffee cup<br />Just like my heart<br />it was fine until it broke<br /><br />Favorite things<br />man made machines<br />when I think of everything<br />that you've been through<br />My heart breaks for you<br /><br />My heart's not a mechanical thing<br />Sometimes though, it simply breaks in two<br />My heart breaks for you</strong></font>