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  1. Baby I Love You

<font color="#993300"><strong>This is sorta the lyrical opposite of &quot;Stay On&quot;...with a wall of guitars. Ronnie,Cliff and guest guitarist Brian Layson(Will Hoge band) start out innocent enough, but somewhere after the re-intro Layson and Lee quickly carve Smith out of the picture and begin a celebratory six-string free for all! See!...Deepwell isn't always depressed....this is a very upbeat and happy Deepwell moment.</strong></font>


<strong><font size="3"><font color="#ffffff" size="2">written by Ronnie Smith</font><br />
<br />
<em><font color="#9999cc">You'd think that they &nbsp;were magic words<br />
words that she'd never heard<br />
it's okay...<br />
baby I love you<br />
<br />
She wants it said outloud<br />
shout it out..in a crowd&nbsp;<br />
it's true<br />
baby I love you<br />
<br />
<font color="#ffcc99">chorus</font><br />
I'll say it every day<br />
I'll mean it in every way<br />
like secret passwords to secret doors<br />
it's easy enough to do<br />
easy said 'cause I&nbsp;swear it's true<br />
I love you<br />
everyday&nbsp;<br />
every way<br />
<br />
It's not just the words that she hears<br />
when I say it she knows I'm sincere<br />
it's nothing new<br />
baby I love you<br />
<br />
to some all this may sound obsurd<br />
but I'll sing it like a bird<br />
right on que<br />
baby I love you<br />
<br />
<font color="#ffcc99">chorus</font> <br />
I'll sing it every day <br />
I'll mean it in every way <br />
like secret passwords to secret doors <br />
it's easy enough to do <br />
easy said 'cause I swear it's true <br />
I love you <br />
everyday <br />
every way<br />
baby I love you!</font></em></font></strong>