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  1. Stay On

This is a love song without the "L" word. The poor character in this song tries his best to pledge his love but just can't come out and say it. Through the chorus, the build up seems to indicate that he's gonna say it. "Girl I know I don't tell you this nearly enough..." Instead, after comparing her to a list of things he couldn't live without, he merely encourages her to stick around. This is his way of saying he loves her. He's not very romantic, but he's trying his best and he's totally sincere.


<em><strong><font color="#ccffff">written by Ronnie Smith</font></strong></em><br /><br /><strong><font size="2"><font color="#ccffcc">You&rsquo;re the lights coming on when I reach for the switch <br />You&rsquo;re the edge of the door when I can't reach that itch <br /><br />You&rsquo;re something good cooking when I go see my mama <br />When the nights turning colder, you&rsquo;re the cats pajamas <br /></font><br /><br /><em><font color="#ffff99">chorus</font></em><br /></font><font size="2"><font color="#ccffcc">I&rsquo;m the worlds worst to take good things for granted <br />and I know that I&rsquo;ve done that with you <br />I know I don&rsquo;t tell you this nearly enough <br />Girl, I don&rsquo;t know what I would do if you were suddenly gone <br />Darlin&rsquo; won&rsquo;t you stay on</font> <br /><br /></font><font size="2"><font color="#ccffcc">You&rsquo;re finding them there when I go for my keys <br />you&rsquo;re a warm and soft bed when I ain&rsquo;t had much sleep <br /><br />You&rsquo;re the long drive I took that I don&rsquo;t recall driving <br />You&rsquo;re the planets lined up when I need perfect timing <br /></font><br /><em><font color="#ffff99">repeat chorus</font></em></font></strong>