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  1. Look At You Now


<p><em><font color="#ccffff" size="2"><strong>written by: Ronnie Smith</strong></font></em><br /><br /><strong><font color="#cccc99" size="2">look at you now<br />you've got yourself painted&nbsp;right into a corner<br />she wanted you heart&nbsp;<br />but you weren't the owner<br />you made it clear early on&nbsp;<br />that she wasn't the one&nbsp;<br />now your killing yourself<br />your thinkin' that you were wrong<br /><br />you're walkin' around<br />with your head hanging down<br />acting suprised about everything thats goin' down<br />rejection ain't petty&nbsp;<br />and desperation ain't pretty<br />she wanted you heart&nbsp;<br />but you made it clear that you weren''t ready<br /><br />she wanted commitment<br />for some reason you didn't<br />while you were hesitating<br />she grew tired of waiting<br />so she kept going&nbsp;<br />where you stopped<br />what you had&nbsp;now&nbsp;<br />you aint got<br />now that you know&nbsp;<br />what you let go<br />it's too late&nbsp;<br />to let it show<br /><br />she wanted your heart<br />but it's too late<br />she wanted your heart&nbsp;<br />but it's too late<br />she wanted your heart&nbsp;<br />but it's too late<br />sometimes you can't afford to wait</font></strong></p>