This is the same cut but an alternate mix of Hiway song. It features Ronnie's final vocal and Cliff's guitar is up a little more in the mix.


<strong><font color="#99ccff" size="2">written by Ronnie Smith</font></strong> <br /><br /><em><strong><font color="#ffcc00" size="3">Pulled out of Fayetteville at midnight <br />I had Georgia in my sites <br />A thousand miles laid out before me <br />A thousand miles to leave behind <br />Little Rock came and went in darkness <br />I-40 kept me headed east <br />and as I crossed the Mississippi <br />I could see the lights of Memphis streets <br /><br /><font color="#ffffff">chorus</font> <br />Just like a horse heads to the stable <br />I felt the urge to be back home <br />With my feet beneath my table <br />and my mind at ease for once <br /><br />I thread the needle of Nashville traffic <br />with the radio spinning country gold <br />took 24 to Chattanooga <br />'til the static finally took it's toll <br />The lush green hills of north Georgia <br />are just like welcome arms to me <br />But rush hour in Atlanta <br />Is the last place I wanna be <br /><br /><font color="#ffffff">repeat chorus</font> <br /><br />Take me to my country home <br />to the place I know I belong...hiway <br />With the help of the Lord above <br />take me to the ones I love...hiway</font></strong></em>