See the complete original DeepWell lineup(Steve Ronnie Cliff and Joe) at the Gram Parsons Guitar Pull and Tribute Festival in Waycross Ga. Friday night Sept 23 2016 @12;30 am (technically Sat morning)
Wow! After a 'much to long' period involved with various other projects, it was so great to get DeepWell back onstage again! The Gram Parsons Guitar Pull and Tribute Festival never disappoints and 2014 was no exception. Awesome time.

Click here to see a feature article that recently ran in
The Gainesville Sun, about Deepwell's then upcoming performance at
The 10th annual Gram Parsons Tribute concert.

Deepwell is scheduled to play at The Tavery,
located at the New Perry Hotel in Perry Georgia
On Friday November 13th(uh oh).

Hey Dwellers....Great News!
 Deepwell has been scheduled to play at
the 2009 Gram Parsons Guitar Pull and
Tribute Festival In Waycross Ga.
The 3-day event will begin on
Thurs. Sept 17th (which is the day Deepwell plays).
Our set will start at 10:30pm at the Cypress Creek club. 
However, plan to stick around 'cause we will
also be supporting Ian Dunlop's set at 11:30
If you didn't already know, Ian was an
original member of The International Submarine Band
with Gram parsons in the mid 60's.
 Anyway, we met Ian at last years GPGP and
really hit it off. He even came to The Pine Box in
Eastman and did some recording with us.
We realize that this is months away, but considering
the "one-day" notices  we've been giving lately,
perhaps this is a nice change up.

(For more event info...please visit
the GPGP website...just click image below)

Thank you to those that are still hanging 
here through a pretty uneventful stretch.
Fact is, we admit that we've been pretty lame
since coming back from Nashville.
You know, it's very similar to the
familiar "day after Christmas" bum rush...just a lot longer. 
Nashville was sooo just ended sooo quickly.
when we got back it was like.."How do we top that?"
Oh well,  hopefully we're about over it.
The good news is that we have been getting together at
the Pine Box. We've gone over a bunch of
our old "nearly forgotten" songs ...and hashed through
a few new ideas....pretty fun.
The Nashville recordings are on hold until
we get the dinero to finish them...hopefully it'll be soon.
Thanks yall.

 Life is stranger than fiction.
 Okay folks. The latest Deepwell adventure is almost too incredible to be believed.
Some of you may recall that Deepwell recently played at The Gram Parsons Guitar Pull and Tribute Festival in Waycross Georgia. If so, perhaps you read our account of that event posted in our guestbook.
 In preparation for that performance, we had decided to learn an obscure song called Sum Up Broke. This was a song that Parsons' had recorded with the International Submarine Band around 1966. It's my understanding that Sum Up Broke was a collaborative effort with Parsons writing the lyrics and ISB guitarist John Nuese supplying the music. The original recording is a wonderful piece of pure 60's garage rock...done well before Parsons' full devotion to country music. Anyway, as luck would have it, among the 20 people who happened to hear our high noon performance that day in Waycross, was none other than Ian Dunlop. Dunlop was Parsons' bandmate in the original lineup of the International Submarine Band! He(Dunlop) played bass in the group, but he also sang backing harmonies with Parsons on the original recording of Sum Up Broke!
 So, we were extremely suprised when Dunlop came up and introduced himself after our set. One of the event photographers told us that he thought we had "blown Dunlops' mind" with the song.
 That, in and of itself was a pretty special moment for Deepwell. However, nothing could prepare us for what was to come.
 Over the following weeks, through the the internet, we remained in contact with Dunlop. He was visiting the United States from the UK...playing a few dates here and there. It was always great to hear from him, but we were stunnned when, in one of the emails, he informed us that he would be heading down to Florida and asked if we'd be interested in recording a version of Sum Up Broke!
 Long story short, he came, and we did! It was as surreal as anyone might imagine. There he was, Ian Dunlop, singing backup on Sum Up Broke....with Deepwell...over 40 years after doing the same on the original with Gram Parsons and the International Submarine Band! This was insanity! At one point I put both my hands on my face and shook my head in disbelief while saying.."This is crazy!". 
 Ian(we're on a first name basis now...ha!) spent two days with us a The Pine Box. I think I can speak for him as well as the rest of Deepwell when I say it was a blast. It was really sad to see him drive away into the darkness as he headed off to New York state, but we hope to meet up with him again one day. Oh yeah...we also cut an original song he had just written on the trip down!

International Submarine Band circa 1967
(Dunlop far left Parsons sitting on floor)

"Round 2"
After months of delays,
our second trip to Nashville(we call it round 2)
 has come and gone...and we couldn't be happier.
With the help of Brian Layson, Justin Tocket
and Deepwell's own "human pillar of support" Tony Layson,
the cuts turned out unbelivable.
In fact, we were wondering if perhaps
session players came in every night after
we left and re-recorded our tracks!
The stuff just has this amazing clarity
that we've never experienced.
We can't wait for everybody to hear it.

We completed the basic tracks to 6 more songs.
 These tunes(combined with the songs of round one) 
will eventually be part of Deepwell's debut release. 
We had planned to cut a version of our cover of the
Gram Parsons'/International Submarine Band 
song "Sum Up Broke" that we played
at the Gram Parson Guitar Pull in Waycross, Georgia

(for full story on this, read Ronnie's Sept 29th entry in our guest book on the Say Hey page)
but we ran out of time.
We do still plan to do that soon...probably at The Pine Box.
We also have more than 4 hours of
Deepwell/Nashville round 2 "behind the scenes"
video that we are in the process of editing.
 We plan to have that edited and posted soon.
Stay tuned!

Deepwell freaks Dunlop out!
(and vice-versa)
(read below for details) 

(Gram Parsons and Ian Dunlop in 1967)

Below : Signed original art by Ian Dunlop, who was a member
of The International Submarine Band
in the mid 1960's along with
Gram Parsons
To find out how we got it, click image and read 
Ronnie's Sept 29th entry in the guest book

We're heading back to Nashville!
 With the eventful Gram
Parsons Guitar Pull and Tribute Festival now behind us,
we'll be heading to Music City in a couple of weeks for
what we're calling "round 2".
We've just received the finished mixes from "round 1".
As usual, our producer, Brian Layson did a fantastic job.
For this next session, we'll still be working with Brian,
but we'll also have the much-sought
engineering/co-producing talents of Justin Tocket.
We'll be recording at the "House of David"


...a  fantastic studio that has a
 mile-long list of top notch clients including Elvis and Neil Young.
Justin has quite a resume as well. 
Sons of William and Marc Broussard are but
a couple of the many fine acts he's produced.
Bottom line...we'll be in good hands.
We couldn't be more excited about these sessions.
The last time we went proved to be a
real bonding experience for all of us.
We can't wait!

Get a little taste of Deepwell's Nashville sessions!
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We've uploaded a studio out-take of "Even St."

For those interested, the songs we've
recorded in Nashville so far are

Eden's Gate(aka Ermma Jean)
Heat of the Night
Stay On
Even Street
Water into Wine

When we go back in Oct. we plan(though list could change) to cut
Pull Through
Hiway Home
Look at You Now
Ott Finds Religion
Run Jackie Run
Ain't It About Time

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